11 #SXSW App Recommendations for Owners

11 #SXSW App Recommendations for Owners

As the countdown of SXSW gets closer (my fourth #SXSW experience) I put time in researching the apps I will be using during the planning, arrival, and during my SXSW Interactive Experience.

There is a much longer list in our Unofficial South by Southwest guide but these are 11 apps I will be using:

Trip Saver

One of the biggest hurdles for many to go back to #SXSW is dealing with how expensive it can be if you don't know your way around and don't plan ahead. I originally supported this app on Kickstarter because it was recommended by a friend.

The app is very useful in establishing a daily budget  and helping you stay close to it. Well worth the $1.99 investment.

Jelly   (iOs)

I have seen how many use the Jelly app from choosing wardrobe to even fundraising. I can see how maybe you can even find your way around Austin, or ask questions on where to eat, or what sessions might be the best for the day. Download the App for iOs

Viber  (iOs)

If you're traveling from overseas and want to stay in touch with family and friends back home, have them install the Viber app. As long as you have a wi-fi connection it might help you keep in touch and not have to spend a ton of money on long distance phone call bills. Go to Viber site

InstaUpload (iOs)

I run multiple Instagram accounts for clients and our own internal projects. This app will allow you to upload 5 Instagram accounts. Download the App for iOs 

Over (iOs)

Over is a quick way to capture moments and add some text that looks visually appealing. This photography app allows you to add text to an image with some other editing features. Go to Made With Over Site.

Freshbooks (Web, Droid, and iOs)

As a Freshbooks Customer,  download their app to continue running your business while at the conference. You can send invoices, follow-up on clients that have not paid, and track the business travel expenses. If you want to try Freshbooks for 30 days here is an affiliate link .

Paypal (Web, Droid, and iOs)

Not only does it keep me posted on what clients have paid me, I can  invoice via Freshbooks with the option for them to pay me online. You can also use it as a secure way to pay at vendors that receive paypal payments on their point of sale. Go to Paypal Site

Dropbox  (Web, Droid, and iOs)

I keep documents that I might need to share with clients handy in a dropbox account. This is an app you should have always just in case your computer dies on you or need to work from any other computer or your devices. Go to Dropbox Site

Foursquare (Web, Droid, and iOs)

It is functional since you can find places, see what is trending near you, and you can even do check-ins at place you might need to trace back like place your staying at, where you parked, or cool food truck where you got something delicious to eat. Go to Foursquare Site

Feedly (Web, Droid, and iOs)

I create feeds on pretty much everything outside blog posts like Facebook Pages or Twitter lists .

This will not only keep me posted on what is happening from blogs and feeds, during and after the event, I can also monitor on one app activity of those feeds I am interested in following.

I am able to merge multiple twitter lists of one subject like #SXSW to one twitter list. Go to Feedly Site

Mailchimp (iOs)

I don't tend to carry business cards everywhere but I do carry my iPhone which has the mailchimp app installed. If you have a mailchimp account I use the app as a personal CRM for those that want to get my business tips and stay up to date on what I do here on Limonade. I can subscribe them to whatever list I find appropriate once I requested permission from them. Once I arrive from an event or a conference it is also easier for me to follow up with them based on the dates I added them on Mailchimp. Please use this only with those that requested more info from you or your company. Also do the extra legwork and tailor the content to what that person would like to hear about. Go to Mailchimp Site

Any apps we missed?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post we are creating a longer list of apps that might be useful for you. But if there is any app we missed, feel free to comment on this post.