Aba’s Website & Online Presence Revamp in 2 weeks

Aba Beauty Lounge Offices

A Website in Record time

After building websites for clients for the past 6 years my biggest challenge is trying to get the whole team to create a decent quality website in the amount of time the client expects it to be up and running.

We always set our deadlines and meet them but on occasions our partners are so anxious to see their website that the pressure starts building up in just days after we’ve started a project.

About a month ago we were hired by Aba Beauty Lounge, local leaders in the Láser Hair Removal and Beauty industry, to help them improve their online presence.

Improved E-Commerce Platform

My main goal with the website is to project the feeling that you are walking into any of their three locations in Puerto Rico.

We also identified areas where we could improve their E-commerce on the front and back end. Managing transactions seemed to be something of a bigger task than it should have been on the previous site.

Once we did some research by sitting down with management, their staff, and their call center, we identified opportunities to create a leaner process. We want them to focus more on growing the business and continuing to keep their clientele very satisfied.

Improving the Online Presence and tools for a Mature business.

Different to other clients I have worked with of their size, they have been in business for the past 20 years and have some solid processes in place to create a unique and awesome client experience so I need to make sure that I can tweak and enhance what has already been built.

A Privilege to work with Such Passionate Partners

What I love about the management and team is that they work hard in getting as close as possible to perfect. The commitment they have towards making every experience right is something admirable.  So our job at Limonade is to help them make a bigger, positive impact, and maintain quality by using the right tools while eliminating repetitive processes which are done manually.

Milestones in Just Two Weeks

In just two weeks we were able to bring up a temporary website which has a better look and feel than the previous website. We are currently working on the final website which we’ll do an even better job at projecting the unique Aba experience online.

A Working Prototype

Not only are we building two websites for the client, but the outcome of the second one will be more refined and based on actual experiments and feedback we ran on a website that was under our control.

A Lesson Learned

As I go over the design and functionality of the next website, I realize that for our future clients and partners we will follow the same process of getting a website running in a few weeks while we work on the final website.

Our goal at the moment is to make the life of Aba’s management and employees a lot easier using online tools while we work with them to improve the overall customer experience.

How are you making your life easier and improving customer experience?

Is there anything you are struggling with that we can help you with?