Customer Online Retention

Crayola Coloring Page

When I used to work for companies in their customer service departments, we used to get training on customer loyalty, new products and services, how to go the extra steps to make sure the customer obtained what they needed and purchased again, and how to retain customer’s who were on the verge of discontinuing services with the company.

Dealing with Unsatisfied Customers

If we received calls from customers who were ranting about services or products or they wanted to renegotiate their equipment contracts,  we would send them over to the Retention Department or a manager in the region.

These employees had to sweeten the deals with the current customers while putting out fires for dissatisfied customers. These actions happened either over the phone or a physical meeting with the customers.

Dealing with Retention Online

As more businesses look to incorporate a website to compliment their physical stores, what can you do to retain old customers and attract new customers online?

Crayola retains you on their website

Crayola Access Code Card

Crayola Story Studio Access Code Card


As parents and bloggers with a parenting blog, we follow the Crayola account.

We recently purchased some Crayola products and inside one of the items was a special card with an access code to create your story using an image you upload to the story studio section of the website. The image you upload of your child is then re-imaged into a cartoon character.

From there you choose a story that:

  • Inserts your child’s name
  • Creates a cartoon character
  • A coloring book is generated for you to print


Crayola Story Studio Page

Crayola Story Studio Page

Made me Stay Longer and Search for More

I not only went to the Story Studio but looked at other items and printable cartoon pages on the website as well. Not only is the site appealing, but Crayola does a great job at answering customer’s questions on Twitter and Facebook. Since our daughter is almost three, I was able to create a Halloween printable for her. The site is parent and child-friendly.


Crayola Play Zone Page

Crayola Play Zone Page

Drawing a Path to the Website

This is an excellent example of how a customer purchases a physical product at the store, is invited to the internet site via an access card and is retained on the site to not only create something but to venture into other services and products available from the brand.

We can help you with online retention

At Limonade, we combine all of our strengths in the area of design, customer service experience, customer loyalty experience, and discuss with you how to incorporate all the things you are doing offline with your online presence.

If you have a website, we can provide you with an honest opinion about what is and is not working. Some people don’t understand that there is much more detail than just having a domain ( with your company’s name on it.

An Extension of Your Company and Brand

This is not something separate from your physical storefront; this is an extension.

Once you have a website designed, what do you want customers to do on it?

Are they just looking at the first page and leaving?

How are you using your physical store to attract online customers?

These are the things we can help you get running with an online strategy analysis.

We all want to gain customer’s but it’s keeping them engaged and returning to you for a particular need is what is an ongoing relationship.