3 Tips to Kick Start Your Week

Isla Verde Sunset October

The work week is the name dreaded by many who look at Monday through Friday as the worst days of the week. Ever heard of having “a case of the Mondays?”

I wanted to create this quick list of 3 things you could do to make your Monday a better one.

1. Wake Up earlier.

I remember when I was in the military during boot camp, I woke up 15 minutes earlier than everyone else so I did not have to rush during the fast pace boot camp sets for its soldiers.

Those 15 minutes gave me an edge over everyone else and made me a bit happier. Especially when there were 5 sinks for over 40 people in my platoon and they all wanted to brush and shave at the same time.

Wake up earlier and start the week at your own pace.

2. Quick Walk

A quick walk in the morning usually gets me in the mood of embracing a happier morning.

I usually can’t escape this one because my labrador and best friend, Juanga, wakes me up for his morning walk on the beach.

While I walk Juanga and enjoy the view, it helps me get into a better mood and think about what I need to get done throughout the day.

3. Enjoy your favorite beverage

I usually set my coffee maker to brew in order to have hot coffee prepared at about the time I get back from my walk.

I add some cinnamon and try to enjoy it as much as possible. By that time my daughter, who is almost 3 years old,  accompanies me for breakfast which automatically brightens up my morning even more.

No matter what beverage you enjoy early in the morning, it can be tea, Limonade, Coffee, or some fresh orange juice, make time to enjoy it and not just rush off with it.

We hope these three things might brighten this Monday up?

What else do you do to make your Monday Mornings better?

PS: We are starting a new week after having launched the website of our new company. Limonade.