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You can now get ahead of your competitors.

Search engines are an excellent place to find customers and as an experienced SEO agency, we will devise the right strategy that gives you the chance to appear above them in search engine results.

Our strategy will not only promote your website to more customers in Google, Bing, and other search engines but will optimize landing pages to increase conversions and generate sales.

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SEO Coaching & Courses

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Done for you SEO

We have been working on SEO for Small and Medium-Sized companies for over a decade.

Our SEO efforts give them an advantage over their competitors and help them identify other business opportunities they might have missed. 


What can we do for you when it comes to SEO?

We can start with fixing some aspects of SEO and coaching you into understanding the many components of SEO and fixing items yourself.

Our higher-end "Done for you SEO" services, where we manage everything. 

Let's find what option fits your budget and needs. 

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I owe my 15 years of successful business to Limonade, Inc! As a wedding photographer I only cared about showcasing my work without thinking about the technical stuff that might have been hurting my google ranking online. For many years now, Limonade has been my website maintenance and my affordable SEO team. I'm an avid blogger: showcasing every work drives hundreds of leads and sales organically through my website month after month. Every piece of content I post, goes through careful inspection and review from the Limonade team. Since I got Limonade on my team 8 years ago, my yearly income has multiplied. Limonade's devoted, steadfast support has solidified my business as a local authority, and has helped me survive even through the bad times.

I'm now constantly booked years in advance without relying on social media ads or google AdWords, and I truly believe this success was in part because of the beautiful, responsive and perfectly optimized website Limonade has helped me build in ongoing collaboration. Love you guys! 🤩"

Camille Fontz

Destination Wedding Photographer

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How Does SEO Works?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.

All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )?

SEO is the process and practices of enhancing a website's ranking in the listings of major search engines such as Google and Bing for a set of keywords.

When you improve the ranking of a website, you increase the probability of getting more traffic which increases the chances of getting a higher number of leads and converting those leads into sales and customers.

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Technical SEO

Our team will ensure your site is aligned with the technical best practices so Google and Bing can crawl and index your content.

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Keyword Research

Our team will establish what your target market and audience searches for when looking for your products or services.

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On Site SEO

Our team will assure your website is optimized for the high search volume keywords your prospects and clients search for.

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We will make suggestions so you can create the content your visitors are looking for when they land on your site.

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Off Site SEO

We will enhance your website’s popularity and authority with Google and other main search engines by earning external links.

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We will provide you with a periodic report showing how your keywords are performing on Google.

Free SEO Resources?

We are always working on new SEO resources to help our prospects and more importantly our clients like you to learn how to drive more qualified visitors to your website.

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Julie Walraven - Certified Master Resume Writer

"In 2018 when I desperately needed a better website with improved SEO, I turned to Raul Colon for advice. A friend for years from social media, I knew Raul could help me. My resume writing and career marketing services are driven by a quality website, but the former version was underperforming.

I hired Raul and his Limonade, Inc. team to recreate my website. I had immediate results when it launched in July 2018.

One of the things I like best about working with Limonade is how efficient the whole team is to work with. Raul manages the projects using Asana and we are in constant contact via asynchronous communication throughout the project. I give approval throughout the project as it develops. In addition, Raul is as much of a business advisor to me so that my website is strategically developed and maintained.

In 2022, Raul and I had a review session to assess my business goals and we determined it was time to give the website another facelift. With the professional redesign and strategy, combined with Raul’s talented graphic designer, the 2022 version of is stellar. It is receiving many compliments and generating increased sales"

Julie Walraven -

Innovative & Strategic Resume Writer

Chris Brogan

“Raul and Limonade have helped me with my own website as well as with several projects in the past. What I love most about working with Raul is that he's very straightforward about the project we're going to work on, the timing of all the phases, and what it's going to take to complete the project. Limonade makes for a great partner, both for your own websites as well as if you're in the business of helping other people grow and develop their digital presence. I highly recommend the business to people looking for a quality team to completely projects in a timely on-budget fashion.”

Chris Brogan

Keynote Speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author 

duane pic

“My photography business is fairly new and after doing some research and talking to several colleagues I was sure I needed a website. Having it done by people who know how search engines, SEO and important web designing aspects has been critical for my growth. I just recently moved to Oklahoma City and Raul and the team have been great at positioning my business and getting my website "out there" for potential clients. Sure, anybody can make a website but not everybody can make a website work for you. I totally recommend Limonade Media Corp. for your website needs! Thank you for everything!”

Duane J. Sanabria Ponce de Leon

Wedding Photographer

Photo of Mark Hayward - Organic SEO Specialist

"If you are seeking SEO services, web development, or content strategy then look no further than Limonade Media Corp.

I found the the team at Limonade to be professional, competent, and deeply invested in the success of my business through my website, and ensuring that I was attracting the "right" customers with targeted search engine optimization strategies."

Mark Hayward

Author, Entrepreneur, & Creative Content Creator

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