About Us

Discovering Sweet Business Opportunities from Sour Situations

Our seasoned team of creatives come from every walk of life

At Limonade, our diverse team of creative professionals hails from various backgrounds, including Big 4 Consulting firms, IT Security Firms, IT Advisory Firms, and renowned Digital Marketing Agencies. We provide out-of-the-box business and web solutions for our clients and peers.

Seasoned Business Growth Advisors

Launching a successful project is a blend of art and science.

The Limonade team has the knowledge, tools, and experience to help your business grow.

With a handcrafted approach to digital marketing, we utilize resources to increase traffic, boost conversion rates, and deliver a higher ROI for your business.

Our Diverse Backgrounds Give Us an Edge when understanding clients

Our diverse backgrounds allow us to understand our clients better and provide personalized solutions.

Our unique social characteristics help us connect communities and find ways to help them thrive.

Integrated Digital Solutions with a Creative and Competitive Edge

Limonade is proud to be a one-stop shop for companies doing business online.

We're more than just a "web development firm" or "digital marketing agency."

We're a creative digital agency, and our most valuable asset is our people.

Personal Attention You Deserve

We can offer top-quality services at a reasonable investment as a lean team.

You'll speak directly to the people in charge when you contact us.

Why the name Limonade?

Limon is the Spanish word for lemon while the word limonade is French for lemonade. When I factor in that my ancestor, Epifanio Presas, migrated from Marseilles, France to Puerto Rico, using the word limonade resonated with me in honoring the legacy he left behind for his successors.

As I was on a trip back from the First Misfit Conference, I had the opportunity to watch Lemonade, a Short Film and documentary about creative unemployment, I realized that most of the time, I am helping people and businesses discover sweet opportunities when they encounter sour situations.

~Raúl Colón, Founder

Our Core Team

We run a lean stand. At the moment we are a core team of four, but we also work with our peers for the sole purpose of providing the best resources available.

This ensures the best product for our clients by having resources that are fresh in the field managing a vast diversity of projects.

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Raúl Colón

WordPress Developer, SEO Advisor, & Digital Marketing Specialist

Lucy Feliciano

Copywriter, Digital Marketer, & Head Creative

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yamil aboutuspage

Yamil Rivera

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, & Advertising