Wordpress Vulnerability & Website Site Health Check

Having an unhealthy website is as useless as showering before working out.

And you’re soooo much smarter than that

Improper SEO. WordPress Vulnerability. Bad links. Security breaches that affect your customers...you just can’t. Allow. That. It’s bad for you and your site. And we want to help you sweeten it up so Google loves you to pieces.

Because when you get Google love, your best customers find you and stay with you.

You have the honor of sitting higher in the search, above your would-be competition. And when people land on your site? They stay there because they LOVE your Limonade.

That’s what a healthy WordPress site does for your business. And now? You have access to info that lets you know if there’s anything tainting your site and keeping you from that Google juice you so desperately need.

With the WordPress Vulnerability Site & Health Check you know your site:

  • Doesn’t have any nasty malware and other security issues to hinder your results and performance online
  • Is fast and optimized to load as quickly as possible so Google loves you to pieces (and so do your users)
  • Has up-to-date software, keeping all monkey wrenches out of your machine that hinder customers from finding you or buying from you, easily
  • Has no loose or broken parts in your WordPress install that makes buying from you a frustrating event that causes them to give up before checking out

You’ll also receive a report on recommendations of how and where your website can be improved, so that when you’re ready, upgrading to your next iteration of success is smooth as butter. Or limonade. (That’s smooth, right?)

A WordPress Scan that will improve your overall Website Performance!

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Love

Find out where you can strengthen your Google love with our SEO Audit.


WordPress Vulnerability Free

Rid your site of crippling Malware that can harm your site and your ranking. Mitigate each WordPress Vulnerability. 


Don't Keep them Waiting

The faster your site loads, the more your clients and Google love you.

Broken Parts

It might be broken so Fix It!

Find out what’s broken and how to fix it with our in-depth WordPress Scan.


Protect Your Investment

Security protects your site from international miscreants who’d like to harm your business taking advantage of any WordPress vulnerability.

Up to Date

Keep it updated

Outdated software slows your site down. might create a WordPress vulnerability, and prevents it from operating at its optimum. We make sure everything is up-to-date and running smooth.

Does your website need a WordPress Vulnerability & health check?


It doesn’t matter if you're in Puerto Rico or on the other side of the planet, your website must load quickly and be available globally, if you want to get ahead in your market.

And every WordPress site has to be maintained on a regular basis, so that things continue to run smoothly and keep customers coming to you (even in your sleep).

This WordPress Site Health Check lets you know if things are starting to get loose or aren’t working as they did initially. Just like a car tune-up lets the mechanic know what’s gone wonky with the 350 under your hood.


Fresh Eyes on Your Website Means Less Sour Limons

People often asked for a web assessment on what they should improve on their sites because things weren’t going as planned in their businesses.

And that’s how the WordPress Site Health Check was first pressed here at Limonade.

The beauty of it is that it’s a process that allows you and I to work towards improving your website without you becoming overwhelmed and frustrated, losing sight of what’s important.

  • Verify your online audiences by using website traffic analysis to verify that you are reaching your target audience, so you can sell more.
  • Optimize your website using A/B testing, allowing you to hone in on the whats and wherefores your ideal clients are searching for from you and the content you create.
  • Keep your prospects and customers engaged on your site because you’re staying relevant and convenient.
  • Improve your conversion funnel, so people aren’t filtering out as soon as they grab your freebie info.
  • Use data analytics to ensure your website is driving conversions, so you can fix what isn’t working.

Grab Your WordPress Scan Website Evaluation and Grab Your Next Level of Success

Most often, a website is built and nobody even looks at the results it brings after the launch. So, ask yourself the following:

  • Is the website design helping me get more clients?
  • Is the eCommerce part of my website selling enough or at all?
  • How does my site look on mobile?
  • Do my customers and visitors complain the website is hard to use?
  • Does the website show an error or two every so often?

Here, we help you make limonade from limons. Book your WordPress Site Health Check today so you can eliminate as many possible reasons for not getting ahead in the online space.

A Professional Website Assessment Leads to More Leads, More Sales, and More Success

My team and I look at your website from an outsider's perspective. And we research all of the possible clients you are (or should be) serving and how you can create an experience they’ll adore, making you a hero in their hearts. We’ll also create an easy-to-digest report to help you understand and apply the following:

  • Design that begs for their attention
  • Calls-to-action that prompt engagement
  • Mobile friendliness for an experience-to-die for (across ALL platforms)
  • Navigation that makes sense and encourages them to buy
  • Loading time that won’t get you the stink eye from Google

With the report, you’ll have a better understanding of the basics on how to improve your current website. You’ll also be able to start applying the info, as soon as you receive the document.

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Unfortunately, Limonade isn't free, neither is the WordPress Site Health Check

This site assessment packages start at ONLY $699 USD because you demand real value and a real investment to get your online business back in line.


$699 / One Time

  • SEO Analysis to help you show up higher on the search engine pages than your competition
  • Overall Site Performance to let you see the overall condition of your site and how well it runs (even while you’re sleeping)
  • Malware scan + security software to get your gear-monsters under control, if you have any
  • Site Review & Recommendations, so you can see from a professional’s eyes and know what you need to fix
  • Database Optimization, so you can utilize as much of your database space as possible


$799 / One Time

  • Everything included in Gold Package. 
  • Design Qualitative Recommendations to give you a leg up on creating a design that will resonate deep into the psyche of your ideal customers
  • Sitemap Review so you can see what Google sees and know how to fix it
  • Road Map to Improve Your Website as the holy grail of your next levelness, use it wisely and improve your business greatly

Compare and Pick One

WordPress Site Health Check Plans


$699 / One Time

  • SEO Analysis
  • Overall Site Performance
  • Malware scan + security software
  • Site Review & Recommendations
  • Database Optimization


$799 / One Time

  • SEO Analysis
  • Overall Site Performance
  • Malware scan + security software
  • Site Review & Recommendations
  • Database Optimization
  • Design Qualitative Recommendations
  • Sitemap Review
  • Road Map to Improve Your Website

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