Our Most Affordable SEO Option

Being a Small Business owner in Puerto Rico, I understand the importance of finding solutions to improve your website, increase visibility and get better leads while staying on a budget.

Getting Started with SEO Being a Small Business

Most organizations and businesses shift their focus to Google Ad Spend and Facebook Ad Spend.

The smaller the business, the higher the spending ratio for Internet Ad Spend vs. building your small business infrastructure.

When we develop a website, or someone chooses one of our Leased Website Packages, we ensure we start building that infrastructure.

One of the most critical aspects is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. 

SEO allows you to invest resources that will continue to deliver leads, if done right, over time.

What Is Affordable SEO

There is no cheap option for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is complex and has many layers.

But the simplest definition of "Affordable SEO" is the efforts that return your investment over time. Most of your competitors are probably doing nothing regarding SEO, a healthy and visible website.

Start with the basics and work on your website. If things don't improve over time, find an SEO professional who takes the time to understand your business and the audience you want to serve.

Affordable SEO Option for Small Business

After launching our robust Seach Engine Optimization Subscription that covers many aspects of SEO, we realized that to get people to see the value we bring when working on SEO and increasing traffic to a website, we needed to earn their trust.

We also know that 95% of prospects we speak to don't even have the most fundamental aspects of SEO.

For that reason, I wanted to offer a quick start SEO package.

Who is the Quick Start SEO Package for?

We created this package for those who have never done anything regarding SEO on their website and those who don't know where to start.

So if you create content, update your website, and do everything possible to bring new clients but don't know where to start with SEO, the quick-start package is for you.

What is the SEO Quick Start Plan

The Quick Start plan is a two-week package that allows the Limonade team to build a strong SEO foundation for your organization that can kick-start inbound marketing leads for your projects and business.

What is included in the Quick Start SEO Package?

Making sure we lay down the right SEO foundation. 

The Quick Start SEO Plan includes:

Full Site Analysis With Roadmap

Google Analytics / Search Console Setup

Review Current SEO & Implement Best Practices

Google My Business Review / Setup

Bing Webmaster Account Setup

Sitemap/Robots.txt/Compression Setup

Submit sitemap to Google & Bing Webmaster

Is your Project in Need of SEO Services located in Puerto Rico?

We are from Puerto Rico and understand how many local businesses have struggled with natural disasters for the past few years.

Let us know if you are from the Island, and we can offer a discount for our SEO services. We want to support other local Puerto Rico businesses.

Just let us know if you read this part of the blog post.

Any other questions on Opportunities to Find Your Ideal Leads?

Have you wondered what opportunities could go your way by helping your target audience find you?

Please feel free to ask us any questions directly.