Our Most Affordable SEO Option

Quick start SEO Plan

So the first month of this year flew by.

We have been busy helping clients attack the new year with new websites and with our new package to get you started on Search engine Optimization.

After launching our more robust Seach Engine Optimization Subscription covering the many aspects of SEO.

We realize that to get people to see the value we bring when working on SEO and increasing traffic to a website we need to earn their trust.

We also know that 95% of prospects we speak too don't even have the most basic aspects of what SEO is.

For that reason, I wanted to offer a quick start SEO package.

Who is the Quick Start SEO Package for?

We created this package for those who have never done anything regarding SEO on their website. Those individuals that don't even know where to start.

So if you are creating content, updating your website, and doing everything possible to bring new clients but you don't know where to start with SEO the quick start package is for you.

What is the SEO Quick Start Plan

The Quick Start plan is a two-week package that allows the Limonade team to build a strong, digital marketing foundation for your organization.

Quick Start Plan $750 One Time Fee*

What is included in the Quick Start SEO Package?

Making sure we lay down the right SEO foundation. 

The Quick Start SEO Plan includes:

  • Full Site Analysis With Roadmap

  • Google Analytics / Search Console Setup

  • Review Current SEO & Implement Best Practices

  • Google My Business Review / Setup

  • Bing Webmaster Account Setup

  • Sitemap/Robots.txt/Compression Setup

  • Submit sitemap to Google & Bing Webmaster

Our Most Affordable SEO Service

Our Quick Start plan consists of the simple, foundational work to get your business on track.

This will also make it easier for continued growth and ongoing maintenance.

With the proper support in place, you can reach more leads and field more questions.

It is the most important entry for your funnel.

Have you wondered what opportunities could go your way by helping your target audience find you?

Please feel free to ask us any questions directly.