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We've built our agency around new media platforms.

We're an agency that believes in the power of new media platforms.

Helping brands with their Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy needs to fit into modern Digital Marketing Ecosystems. 

We help brands by working with them on different aspects of Social Media Marketing Strategy by aligning critical business goals to result-driven services around community management, paid digital advertising, inbound marketing, and new emerging technologies. 

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We develop a plan to align social media with business goals.

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Integration & Management

We lay the initial operational groundwork for effective social media management.

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We create and establish a measurement practice for Social Media Programs.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan that Fits Your Companies Needs

We created our plans focused on 14+ years of helping companies & entrepreneurs understand how to improve and leverage their social media & online presence.

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"Honestly, I don't know how I went on so many years on business without Limonade Inc! As a wedding photographer, all I cared about was showcasing my work, without thinking about the technical stuff that might have been hurting my business. We started working together one day after my website had a major crash and I didn’t know how to fix it.

A month after Raul and Lucilla started rescuing my webpage, and even during the rescue process, I already was having an increase in leads... more people were finding and looking at my website.

After the rescue, we started the design process and I rebranded to a beautiful website that also works for me. I know have their team on an ongoing maintenance subscription, because I don’t want a day to go by without them keeping an eye on the most essential tool in my business.

Thanks to them, I’ve been fully booked for years without spending on social media ads, and I truly believe this success was in part because of the beautiful, responsive, and smart website Limonade made for me, and for their commitment to my business. Love you guys! 🤩"

Camille Fontz

Destination Wedding Photographer

We are trusted by these Industry Leaders

Chris Brogan

“Raul and Limonade have helped me with my own website as well as with several projects in the past. What I love most about working with Raul is that he's very straightforward about the project we're going to work on, the timing of all the phases, and what it's going to take to complete the project. Limonade makes for a great partner, both for your own websites as well as if you're in the business of helping other people grow and develop their digital presence. I highly recommend the business to people looking for a quality team to completely projects in a timely on-budget fashion.”

Chris Brogan

Keynote Speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author 

Our Social Media Plans Will Grow Your Following & Promote Your Business Online.

We created and designed our plans for Entrepreneurs & Companies wanting to improve the way they use Social Media.

Having worked closely and still strategic partners of well-known subject matter expert Chris Brogan, we have been part of many successful social media related projects.

We have defined our Social Media Strategy with three primary goals in mind.

Increase Visibility
Increase Followers
Increase Engagement

Our focus is to make sure you get your ROI on any investment you make.

We understand and know how to get you targeted followers in specific demographic and geographical locations.

Overall we want to make sure anyone interacting with your brand wins your trust and becomes a loyal brand ambassador.

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“My photography business is fairly new and after doing some research and talking to several colleagues I was sure I needed a website. Having it done by people who know how search engines, SEO and important web designing aspects has been critical for my growth. I just recently moved to Oklahoma City and Raul and the team have been great at positioning my business and getting my website "out there" for potential clients. Sure, anybody can make a website but not everybody can make a website work for you. I totally recommend Limonade Media Corp. for your website needs! Thank you for everything!”

Duane J. Sanabria Ponce de Leon

Wedding Photographer

A social media program is not a mere marketing add-on.
Neither is it a blogging experiment whose purpose remains forever unclear.

It is not a justification for conversations, engagement, and whatever buzzwords generally find their way into a discussion about social media.

More than anything, a social media program is neither simple nor easy. It is not what most people think.

Olivier Blanchard

AUTHOR, Social Media ROI

We Work with New And Emerging Platforms

We have developed, managed, integrated, and improved the online presence of many companies on multiple platforms managing the entire digital marketing ecosystem for clients.

Our teams are not just social media managers they understand business and come with experience in a diversity of industries.

We focus on understanding your business needs and exceeding your expectations.

Our Plans are Created to Fit your Business and Brand

Every organization is unique so are its goals and needs. Here are some Social Media Management Services of some of the projects we've implemented with our clients.

Social Media Platform Management

Content Marketing Strategy

Editorial Calendar

Custom Artwork For Social Media

Customer Prospecting

New Followers and Connections

Monthly Activity and Results Report

Social Media Review & Strategy

Lead Generation

Strategy Calls

Custom Blog Posts

Email List Management

Email Marketing

Dedicated Account Manager

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