Is your website effective?

Are you getting as many visitors as you’d like?

Everyone has an opinion about your website including family members and customers.

Make sure you're getting a professional website review by someone who understands usability, web design, SEO and other critical factors.

Don’t be overwhelmed by a wave of opinions.

Improper SEO. Web Vulnerabilities. Bad links. Underperforming Content. You can't allow security breaches that affect your customers, and it’s terrible for you and your site. We want to help you sweeten it up so Google loves you. Because when you get Google love, your best customers find you and stay with you.

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Is Your Website Responsive?

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Does It Load Quickly?

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Is It Easily Found?

icon brokenparts

Does It Have Any Broken Parts?

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Is Your Site Secure Or Vulnerable?

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Is Your Site Up To Date?

You’ll also receive a report on recommendations of how and where your website can be improved so that when you’re ready, upgrading to your next iteration of success is as smooth as butter. Or limonade. (That’s smooth, right?)

We are trusted by these Industry Leaders

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"Honestly, I don't know how I went on so many years on business without Limonade Inc! As a wedding photographer, all I cared about was showcasing my work, without thinking about the technical stuff that might have been hurting my business. We started working together one day after my website had a major crash and I didn’t know how to fix it.

A month after Raul and Lucilla started rescuing my webpage, and even during the rescue process, I already was having an increase in leads... more people were finding and looking at my website.

After the rescue, we started the design process and I rebranded to a beautiful website that also works for me. I know have their team on an ongoing maintenance subscription, because I don’t want a day to go by without them keeping an eye on the most essential tool in my business.

Thanks to them, I’ve been fully booked for years without spending on social media ads, and I truly believe this success was in part because of the beautiful, responsive, and smart website Limonade made for me, and for their commitment to my business. Love you guys! 🤩"

Camille Fontz

Destination Wedding Photographer

How it Works and what we offer!

Web Site Health Check

$1500/ One Time

  • SEO Analysis to help you show up higher on the search engine pages than your competition.
  • Overall Site Performance lets you see your site's overall condition and how well it runs (even while you're sleeping).
  • Malware Scan + Security Software will identify if your site is infected with malware and if it's at risk of server crashes, data leaks, and even ransomware.
  • Site Review & Recommendations, so you can see what you need to fix from a professional's perspective. We will review the following
    • usability
    • calls to action
    • conversions
    • branding
    • website speed
    • email opt-ins
    • products, services, and more
  • Database Optimization, so you can utilize as much of your database space as possible.

Web Site Health Check +

$2000/ One Time

  • Everything is included in the Basic Website Health Check.
  • Design Qualitative Recommendations to give you a leg up on creating a strategy that will resonate deep into the psyche of your ideal customers.
  • Sitemap Review lets you see what Google sees and know how to fix it.
  • Road Map to Improve Your Website is the holy grail of your next levelness; use it wisely and improve your business significantly.
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