Optimizing the SEO for Photographers on their Websites

SEO is important for any business but we have done well with optimizing the SEO for Photographers. 

If there is one thing I enjoy is building and developing a Photography Website on WordPress. I also get to optimize that website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As a Photographer myself I prefer a client that already creates beautiful digital assets.

Working with Two of the Most Talented Destination Wedding Photographers

At the moment we’ve already planned, designed, developed, and collaborated with two talented and respected destination wedding photographers based in Puerto Rico. Thanks to them, we have implemented SEO for photographers in a way that makes business sense to them.

During the past few months, we’ve been busier than usual. We’ve worked on customizing WordPress websites, launching our Leased WordPress Websites plans, and rescuing hacked and poorly created websites from a diversity of clients. But about two months ago we got hired by Nilka Gissell to help her with her wedding destination photography website.

Referred by one of our Favorite Clients

We were referred by our client Camille Fontz which has been one of our most successful projects because of how well she runs her business and is always thinking many steps ahead. Every interaction I have with Camille I learn something new. Many times I can use it in my business with positive results.

Initial Assessment of the Wedding Photography Website

Nilka immediately shared what she needed help with and what she wanted to accomplish. We started our process of doing a WordPress Website Health Check where we found some opportunities in fixing her website information infrastructure and also giving her a website that reflected her incredible body of work as a photographer.

SEO was our Main Focus in the Wedding Photography Website Redesign

Our main focus was Search Engine Optimization so we could bring opportunities to Nilka as we have done with Camille who currently is 50% booked for 2019 and already opened up her calendar for 2020 events.

Old School SEO Marketing Tactics

The advantage I have working with new photographer clients who focus on Wedding Destinations is that most of their competition, all the other photographers, are still using outdated SEO tactics like Plugging Keywords multiple times and using tools that they don’t even understand to validate their SEO creation and housekeeping.

Stay away from the SEO Black Magic and Blackhat Tactics

Since photographers are usually very technical, they tend to know enough to harm their websites SEO by overdoing it or just focusing on one or two of the SEO elements. What they might not understand is that there are many moving pieces to getting content to perform better when it comes to SEO. I read this funny quote on Foreground Web Studio’s The Complete, Always-updated Guide To Seo For Photographers: When you start learning some magic spells and tricks (aka the power of SEO), aren’t you tempted to also experiment with black magic? 🙂 Don’t try to “game” the system. Yes, you know who you are!

Focusing on SEO Keywords that a Couple is using to search for Wedding Photography Services

Having said that, the lack of understanding from my client's competitors makes it pretty easy for us to rank our clients for the right SEO Keywords.  We look at keywords that are rarely used by other photographers but massively used by the possible clients of a Destination Wedding Photographer.

This is not unique in just the Photography business. It happens everywhere, and it usually makes our jobs more manageable when we see most of our client’s competitors have done nothing or have taken a destructive route when it comes to their website’s overall SEO health.

Our job is to improve the SEO for photographers by tying the content to a photographer's sales funnel.

Knowing how to use and pick the right Keyword Research Tools

Something I also see often is how most people trying to improve the SEO of their website, tend to use the wrong keyword research tools. Picking the wrong SEO Research tool leads them to make decisions on outdated information that might not apply to the business cycle or even the new trends clients are looking for. Also, some Keyword Research Tools are free but you are better off paying for one that can provide better information and will save you time in doing that research.

Wanting to Focus More on SEO Services

As we go into the second half of this year, we are really focusing on building fewer websites and keeping our current clients happy by making their websites perform better. Most importantly, making sure that they get a good Return on their Investment. We enjoy working on SEO services and watching how SEO optimization starts bringing results for our clients. Usually, those clients that hire us for SEO are happier and stay with us longer.

Opportunities with SEO for Photographers

  • Book more clients
  • Attract the clients that fit your photography style
  • Growing your business then you can get to a point to charge the fees you deserve
  • Scale back on paid traditional marketing expenses that don’t bring you results
  • Stand out was one of the best photographers in your area
  • Develop a high-quality clientele that leads to referrals of highly qualified leads

What Industry are you in? Do you feel you understand SEO enough to help your business grow? What has worked or has not?

Leave a message in the comments or contact us directly for any questions.