Best Photography Website Design for a Top Wedding Photographer

Best Photography Website Design for a Top Wedding Photographer

It's not every day one gets to work with a top performer in an Industry. When Camille Fontanez approached us to build her website, we wanted to make sure we could provide her the Best Photography Website Design to showcase her excellent photography.

Our Chance to Build the Best Photography Website Design

In our decades of experience building websites, we had never stumbled upon such a disciplined entrepreneur. Although Camille is younger than most of her peers and many entrepreneurs, her work ethic and discipline towards growing her business without sacrificing quality, is something we admire greatly.

Best Photography Website Design for a Top Wedding Photographer

How do You Plan the Best Photography Website Design for a Talented Photographer

Camille has been one of the easiest clients to work with. Her successful attempt at building her website helped us get a clear understanding of her ultimate web design. When we migrated the site and redesigned it, her vast amount of content (over 300 blog posts) was one of the reasons we were getting more and more excited as we delved into the project.

Cleaning a Website from Malware & Insecure Poor Performing Servers

When I reached out to Camille, she had expressed issues with her site. I had just restored two other websites in the same month that had been hacked and were full of Malware.

Our first step was to assess and see how healthy her WordPress website was. 

One of the things Camille's site had in common with the other two websites was Bluehost, a web hosting company. Her attempts at trying to get them to fix the issue like my other clients were not successful. We decided to clean the site and then migrate it to our hosting service which is supported by our partner WP Engine.

Website Design for a Destination Wedding Photographer

Temporary Website before the Best Photography Website Design

Since Camille's business depends on people finding her on the Internet, we created a plan to keep her site running. While we were in the early stages of designing the best photography website design possible, we created a temporary website for potential clients to contact her for interest in her photography services.

The temporary site was performing better and quickly started giving her better conversions than her previous website.

Her Trust Allowed us to Deliver Fast and Accurate Conversion Results

We were able to move fast and get her quick results. Although Camille had put in a lot of time to build a pretty solid website, she was willing to start from scratch and trust the process. Once Camille started seeing better results, she then moved even quicker to follow our recommendations and also make sure they fit her work-flow.

Delivering the Best Photography Website Design

We ran Camille through our web development process. We created a prototype which was the temporary website. We then created mock-ups of what the website would look like. We went over her requests and suggestions to make sure that our design and the final product was representative of her work as one of the best Wedding Photographers I have seen.

Once the design was approved, we were able to bring the website up.

Blog Design for a Destination Wedding Photographer

Smooth and Seamless Updates and Edits

One of the main things we wanted to help Camille with was to make it easier for her to replace headers, images, text and overall content. She is savvy when it comes to her website and how she wants her images and headers to look for potential clients.

We also wanted to increase the reach of her work by improving SEO (which I will leave for another blog post) and continuous monitoring. Camille once again hired us to help her with that part. We get to work with her on each piece of content she posts on the site.

So far Camille's website has been one of our favorite projects to work on. Not only is she a young entrepreneur but the dedication and love she puts into everything she does is something for all of us to admire.


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