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Managed Website &

WordPress Hosting Services

Limonade provides managed website and internet hosting service. 
Managed website services ensure your site is always up to date and always at its top performance.

Managed hosting services is a hassle-free way to keep your site secure and your environment current. In both cases, Limonade deals directly with your host, so you don’t have to.

Managed Website Services

Internet Hosting Service


Limonade utilizes enterprise standard monitoring tools, security software, and trusts the expert services of internet hosting service partners to ensure your website is available around the clock.

Uptime Monitoring

We use a set of premium monitoring services. Limonade is always aware of a website outage. Our partners provide server monitoring 24/7. 

Security and Prevention

Limonade can help prevent and troubleshoot malicious activity on your site whether it is brute-force access attack, bot traffic, or a valid user behaving badly.

Performance and Optimization

Limonade's managed website and support services help troubleshoot, update, and provide additional recommendations to boost the performance of your site.

CMS Maintenance

WordPress requires frequent updates because vulnerabilities and exploits are constantly found. Limonade's managed website and support services are available to guarantee your WordPress is up to date.

Content Management System Updates

The most common reason for a WordPress core update is due to security. Many times these updates are considered an emergency, and our premium internet hosting service providers like WP Engine informs us.

Limonade immediately deploys updated versions of WordPress. If this might impact your operations, Limonade notifies you of these updates and downtime expectations.

Plugin Updates

Not as essential to a healthy website as the WordPress Core updates, but still important.  Plugin updates need constant attention.

These updates tend to be riskier when deployed as they can conflict with latest CMS updates or custom website code. Limonade support services are always available to upgrade plugins upon request.

Your Hosting Partner

Limonade's support team includes support managers, website administrators, IT security professionals, developers, and server admins.

This combination of subject matter experts allows us to troubleshoot issues promptly on our own. But more importantly, ask direct questions to the internet hosting service providers. We work as interpreters and interface with the hosting providers on your behalf to get you the highest level of specialized service.

Security & Prevention

We works with the latest in security and encryption, maintenance, monitoring and data management.

Limonade's partners’ hosting environments are configured to decrease the risk of being compromised by third parties.

DDOS Attacks

Limonade recommends the most secure DNS provider, CDN, DDOS Prevention, and failover service. We also evaluate and advise on the many other similar services to provide a barrier to malicious traffic reaching the web server. 

WordPress & Server Hardening

Each web server and WordPress environment are configured by our hosting partners and Limonade Inc. to withstand popular attack vectors.

Restricted Access

Direct access to our servers and development tools remain restricted to authorized users and network locations. Whitelisted users are only granted access to their corresponding data when they meet approved requirements.

Data Encryption

Client data is managed with strict security measures.

Limonade uses military-grade encryption for data transferring and storage and actively encourages secure data transfer protocols for client access. 

File Logging and Monitoring

All environments create and store periodic reports of all files 24/7.

Any update via an anonymous source will be reviewed as a security breach. 

Security Vulnerability Scans

All WPEngine servers undergo vulnerability scans. Critical and high-level issues are prioritized and dealt with.

Specific security requirements may require additional support services or a new scope of work.

Daily Backup Service

Limonade’s premium hosting service includes daily backup solutions. Standard backup services are provided to clients at no additional cost.

Our systems are configured to create incremental daily backups of changed files for up to 30 days.

Limonade also creates a daily backup of the database to the web server to promptly recover the whole database if needed (which is very rare).

Who is this for?

Typically our customers are Business Owners, WordPress Consultants, Agencies, Designers, Other Developers, and Enterprise level businesses that do not have an in-house development, support, and security team. 









Take a look at some of Sites We host

Uncle Gussys Food Truck

We designed, developed, manage, and now host Uncle Gussy's Food Truck's Website.

Camille Fontz

We designed, developed, manage, and host Camille Fontz's Website.

Brass Valley

We designed, developed, manage, and now host Brass Valley's Website.

How well do you know your Internet hosting service?

Limonade's premium web hosting packages are based on your individual needs. Because Limonade designs and develops the sites we host, we also maintain the environments. Take advantage of robust hosting plans by partnering with us.