Do you Protect Your Email Communications?

How many times do you have to send a password to a client for an application that has sensitive data?

How many times are you sharing confidential and personal information via email?

For example, you’re a tax accountant and want to email your Tax Returns in PDF Form to your client. Between the back and forth emails, you need to capture some information and then validate it with them through email.

How secure do you feel when you hit that "send" button?

Many of us don't feel secure if we are just using an email client and any email service.

Services like Google Apps offer a higher level of security. But once your communications are out of their infrastructure, it becomes a bit difficult to keep control on all that information.

A few months ago I had to help a client get ready for a URAC Certification.

One of the requirements was enabling email encryption for each employee email.

Email encryption is required for when they were communicating with pharmacy patients. It is also required for their service providers who they have to share sensitive data with.

Many Free but Expensive Tools

As an IT Security Consultant I knew of many free tools that could be used to encrypt communications.

But they all entail many steps and need someone tech-savvy to run the process. This might seem free but having a user not use it or make a mistake with the tool can become an expensive situation.

Virtru - Cost Effective Military Grade Encryption

I did some research and found Virtru, an awesome tool that is built on Military Grade Email Encryption.

Not only is it secure, it makes it easy for any user to send encrypted emails out to patients and providers.

Easy To Train Others on Email Encryption

It was so easy, that by sitting with the user for 5 minutes, I got them to send an encrypted email. My client has been using the platform for at least 5 months. Till this date I have not had any questions regarding the tool.

The tool is so intuitive that if you are familiar with Gmail's functions, you can start using it in seconds.

The Recipient's Side

The other great thing is that it makes it easy for the recipient to open the email in a secure manner.  I have seen some other tools that involve a small project to get the encrypted email files from the sender. Virtru makes it seamless and well worth it.

Sender Never Loses Control

The Sender never loses control of where and who the information is sent. You are able to restrict email forwarding and if left open, you can monitor who has access to the email encrypted content.

We Use It for Limonade

Not only is the Virtru Email Encryption App safe for my clients, I use it in my communications as well. When it's time to request passwords or sensitive data from clients, I send them a request and instructions. It makes me sleep better at night knowing my clients are sharing their app logins in a secure way.

We also use it to send out passwords to our clients that lose their passwords.

Peace of Mind

With so much internet fraud and so many data breaches, I feel a lot better when I hit send using Virtru.

Virtru has truly given me peace of mind when sharing certain types of information via email.

More importantly, it also helps me apply many of the things I learned because of my IT Security Background.

I'm putting into practice, the best practices I have been implementing for years.

Are your email communications secure?

You can use the tool or any of our consultants can help you get that squared away. Feel to reach out, ask questions in the comments,  and/or contact us directly.

We Protect Our Email With Virtru