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Camille Fontz Destination Wedding Photographer

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Camille Fontz is Destination Wedding Photographer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Camille shoots everything related to love and relationships but her main focus is on Destination Weddings of all sizes. For the past 15+ years she has turned a Hobby to Full Time Business which has taken her all over the United States and The Caribbean.

We met Camille online and admired her way of communicating and presenting her business online.

In early 2016 her website had some security issues due to vulnerabilities in the WordPress environment where her website was hosted. We offered to guide her in fixing it but given her busy schedule, she decided to hire us.

Since then we’ve worked for hand in hand in understanding the wedding industry and using our expertise to tie technology tools, SEO, and the overall Digital Marketing Ecosystem to work for Camille.

We’ve redesigned her website on 3 occasions and are always proactively working with her to maintain her content optimized and ready to bring in the right type of leads and a good volume of them.

Objectives for a Wedding Photography Website

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Fast Loading Website Featuring High Quality Photography

Camille Fontz needed a new website redesign that quickly loaded her great photography without sacrificing quality.

We did our best to deliver a final product that aligned with other Best Photography Website Designs. 

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A Website that Highlighted Her Body of Work

Camille is one of the top destination photographers here on the Island; we would say she is the top but as you can see we are heavily biased. We had been observing Camille's photography and as photographers ourselves, she had our attention.

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A Solid Blogging Infrastructure Optimized for SEO

Camille needed a solution that would fit into her busy schedule so that she could continue to create excellent quality content on her blog. We needed to position her against her competition when it came to Search Engine Optimization, and we wanted to make sure her site converted visitors into bookings.

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"Honestly, I don't know how I went on so many years on business without Limonade Inc! As a wedding photographer, all I cared about was showcasing my work, without thinking about the technical stuff that might have been hurting my business. We started working together one day after my website had a major crash and I didn’t know how to fix it.

A month after Raul and Lucilla started rescuing my webpage, and even during the rescue process, I already was having an increase in leads... more people were finding and looking at my website.

After the rescue, we started the design process and I rebranded to a beautiful website that also works for me. I know have their team on an ongoing maintenance subscription, because I don’t want a day to go by without them keeping an eye on the most essential tool in my business.

Thanks to them, I’ve been fully booked for years without spending on social media ads, and I truly believe this success was in part because of the beautiful, responsive, and smart website Limonade made for me, and for their commitment to my business. Love you guys! 🤩"

Camille Fontz

Destination Wedding Photographer

Target Audience Benefits

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Easy To Book

Visitors and existing customers will be able to quickly book her quickly for engagement sessions, love stories, and weddings.

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Seamless Website Navigation

Easier navigation so clients could see Camille's body of work.

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Converting Website Visitors to Leads

Prospects get to familiarize themselves with what Camille offers. 

By educating your website visitors you turn them from visitors to leads. 

We are trusted by these Industry Leaders

“If you want to increase leads, find better quality clients, and help you build simple and lean sales funnels.”

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