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For Destination Wedding Photographer Camille Fontz

Objective - Best Photography Website Design


Camille Fontz needed a new website redesign that quickly loaded her great photography without sacrificing quality. We did our best to deliver a final product that aligned with Best Photography Website Designs. 


Camille is one of the top destination photographers here on the Island; we would say she is the top but as you can see we are heavily biased. We had been observing Camille's photography and as photographers ourselves, she had our attention.


Camille needed a solution that would fit into her busy schedule where she could continue to create excellent quality content on her blog. We needed to position her against her competition when it came to Search Engine Optimization, and we wanted to make sure her site converted visitors into bookings.

Camille Fontz Destination Wedding Photographer

Target Audience Benefits

Visitors and existing customers will be able to quickly book her quickly for engagement sessions, love stories, and weddings.

Easier navigation so clients could see Camille's body of work.

Prospects get to familiarize themselves with what Camille offers.

Getting More Leads and Closing More Business

We are more than grateful to have been picked to help Camille with her website when she was looking into remaking and redesigning.

As website designers, developer, and what many call website builders, it’s always gratifying when you work with the champions and top performers in each industry.

We continue to work with Camille to make sure her website is resonant, relevant, and up to date while providing the best experience to her prospects and current customers.

Stop by the website and take our important client into consideration if you are planning to get married.

For those of you wondering how to make a photography website with WordPress save yourself the headaches and learning curve. We can take care of that for you and get you the clientele you are seeking.

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Imac Web Portfolio Trim Camille Fontz
Camilel Fontz Destination Photography

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