Top 10 Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers dominating SEO

The questions I often get from my clients and prospects are, "How is my website's SEO ranking?" and, "Where am I  positioned on search engines?" These questions usually lead to reports and analyzing the many aspects of SEO. In reality, there is no quick and easy answer to those questions.

Knowing how well your website is doing compared to your goals and how your competitors are doing is essential.

Not an Easy Question to Answer, but here we go

In essence, the answer is not easy to convey. Still, over the years of our experience working with many wedding photographers, wedding planners, and other wedding pros, we feel comfortable enough to share our findings of who is ranking well for SEO in Puerto Rico and why.

Sharing the Top 10 Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers dominating SEO

Before we go into the details, I wanted to share a list of the top 10 Wedding photographers in Puerto Rico doing a great job with their SEO.

What SEO Tools did we use to Measure SEO Ranking?

We use many SEO tools, and over the next few blog posts and newsletter updates, we will share the names and how we use them. 

For this blog post, we evaluated which Wedding Photographers are ranking well for SEO; we used one of my favorite tools Mangools KWfinder

The KWfinder helps me determine why the websites for these photographers are ranking well and what terms they are ranking for. 

We reviewed many data points, but for this exercise, I wanted to focus on four factors in each of the domains I picked.

The number of Keywords Ranking - These are the count of relevant keywords and phrases each Domain ranks for.

Keywords Ranking #1 - This is the count of keywords that the Domain is ranking for in the top #1 position, something that is not easy to achieve in a competitive industry where business owners tend to understand SEO like it is with photographers.

Keywords in the Top 10 - This is the count of keywords the Domain ranks for in the 10th place.

Past 3 Months Approximate Organic Search Impressions - These are a domain's search opportunities. In this case, we only provided a number where the public data we obtained is accurate. We provided you with this option to get an idea of the number of opportunities a domain can have when doing SEO correctly.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers Ranking for SEO in Puerto Rico

  1. Camille Fontz - *
  2. William de la Cruz - *
  3. NNZ Photography - *
  4. Diana Wedding - **
  5. Javier Olivero - 
  6. Jose Sepulveda -
  7. Rafy Vega -
  8. Jose Ruiz - 
  9. Nilka Gissell - **
  10. Tamara Maz - **

* We're actively working with these photographers who are current clients of Limonade Inc. 

** We worked with these photographers years ago and at that time built a website for them and coached them in regards to SEO. 

What keywords should I focus on?

This is also a common question. The short answer is that it depends on the audience you are looking for and the type of clients you want to attract.

But more importantly, it’s also understanding what those folks are looking for. Most photographers who don't understand SEO will optimize their websites to rank for words such as "Wedding Photographer" or "Puerto Rico Photographer."

The problem is that on many occasions, the couple looking to get married are searching for things like the venue, the musicians, caterers, what entertainment they want, and what wedding planner they seek.

Ranking well with SEO while educating your prospects in your sales process

We'll use one of our most successful clients, Camille Fontanez (Destination Wedding Photographer), who has been with us for quite some time, as an example. While writing her blog posts, we ensured she educated the prospective clients on all the topics I mentioned before (venue, wedding planner, caterers, musicians, etc.) The search engines found the content and sent traffic to Camille’s photography website, nurturing her wedding photography business to grow organically. This resulted in an increase in leads and better photography clients.

Her wedding photography website ranks well when it comes to many keywords that are relevant to Destination Wedding Photography and Photography overall. 

A quick tip: search engines are good at finding similarities between different topics; this will also help you rank well for the more competitive keywords like "Wedding Photography."

The Only Wedding Photographer in a Search initiated by a Couple 

It also puts Camille Fontz in many searches where she is the only photographer early into the couple's decision-making process, and they request information from her first. What does that mean? Before the couple has even chosen a venue or wedding planner, they will contact Camille first, and they may even ask her what venue she recommends or what wedding planner is the best to hire. 

Unlike the top-ranking SEO photographers like Camille and those on the list above, every other photographer is usually contacted after the couple has booked their venue and hired a wedding planner. 

Identifying Keywords that help you Rank for SEO

I am working on a course on identifying what keywords you want to rank for and all the many aspects and approaches you have to take to dominate not only a few keywords but many in your industry.

I will also prepare a follow-up post with more detail on what keywords and phrases these photographers rank well for.  I will also include why they made it to my top 10 Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer SEO Ranking.


What factors affect my SEO Ranking and how visible my website is for search engines like Google and Bing?

There are many factors, and they are constantly changing. If I can summarize it in three categories, they are:

  • Your site health.
  • Your approach.
  • The algorithms you are specifically targeting.

Increase in Updates to Google Algorithms

Over the years, Google, the largest search engine, has updated the algorithms that affect SEO more often. 

As per the Search Engine Journal’s 2023 predictions:

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year for the SEO industry, and there’s no sign of slowing down.

This year alone, Google dropped eight confirmed and unconfirmed updates – leaving many businesses scrambling to keep up.

In summary, the blog post mentions that Google’s volatility will continue to intensify and that the time between updates is getting shorter. 

What can you do?

The easy answer is to work with a proven SEO professional who understands your industry well. We are here to help answer any questions and set you on the right track. 

Are you into the Do-it-yourself approach? As we mentioned, we are also working on some courses to help Wedding Professionals, including Wedding Photographers, improve their SEO and, more importantly, stay up to date with the many aspects of it.