How to see best nine for instagram?

As soon as I posted my Best Nine for an Instagram photo, I got a quick message from a friend asking me how to create the best nine on Instagram. I went online and saw a few posts on the subject and wanted to create a more detailed one.

Every year I get this question and I wanted to clarify that users create the Best Nine of Instagram collage outside of Instagram's platform.

The Secure Way to Create your 2017 Best Nine

A concern I have is that many others use apps that ask for Instagram passwords and such. This tool is open to handle what you have shared publicly without having to share your password or even give them access to your Instagram account.

best nine for instagram

How to see best nine for instagram?

Go to on a desktop or your phone and enter your Instagram username.

The Username must be public; this will not work with private accounts.

Depending on your activity during the year on Instagram, it can take seconds or minutes. For my profile, it took a few minutes but for the company @limonadeinc profile it took around 30 seconds.

Once the system finishes, it creates a collage of the best nine performing photos you’ve posted in 2017. The performance is solely based on how many likes each Instagram post received.

What I found refreshing is it gives the total amount of times your Instagram posts have been liked in 2017. With just a click on the default image on a desktop or by a tap and hold onto the picture to save it on your phone. You will then have it ready to share with your followers.

There are two options you can select from:

  1. Photo Only Version - Keeps off the total stats of your posts for the year
  2. Default Original Version - This one will share with your followers your stats for the year.

The site also provides the option to share on Twitter and Facebook. But when you download the image you are free to use it on any other platform.

Tap and hold on the picture to save it on your phone (it may require you to open the photo in the new tab, then save). Now it’s all ready to be shared on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The platform suggests to include the hashtag #2017BestNine in the caption to widen the audience for your collage. But I usually like to add my own that are related to the images shown in the picture as I did in my personal collage.

Reflect on the year with 2017 best nine

After doing this exercise for myself and our clients, I realized that it gives me a chance to look at the whole year in one image. I use other tools to monitor and see what is working. But for clients like @unclegussys where we manage their Instagram account and other digital marketing, most of what we gather we might not want to share publicly. But this gives us an opportunity to thank their audience and fans for the interactions. By showing them how much they matter to our client and us.

The best nine for Instagram shows you what your Audience Interacted with More

I usually get many questions about what I decide to post and what gets more reactions and engagement. That is a difficult question to answer for each Instagram account. I can tell you what works for me on my Instagram account. But that might not be the same for the audience you are communicating with.

So looking at what you did in these nine images might help you decide what to post next and what to change, delete, or do more of.

Raúl Colón Best nine 2017
Uncle Gussys Best Nine 2017

Develop a Style around your most liked Instagram Pictures

As a photographer, I am still working on defining a specific style. For clients like Camille who is a Destination Wedding Photographer, it is easy to perceive and enjoy her style. With me, I am still testing the waters since Photography makes up only a small part of the work I do. But your audience might be telling you exactly what style they prefer, and if you want to continue nurturing it, this might be a good chance.

Camille Fontz Best nine 2017

Compare 2017 to 2016 best nine

You can see the improvements you have made over time if you compare with other years. You can also click on the link that will take you to and compare what worked for you in 2016 and what worked for you this year.

Compare, analyze, and put into practice what might be a pattern to getting more engagement on your Instagram account.

Raúl Colón Best nine 2016

Use the Top Nine As a Guide

I use these tools as guidelines to help me decide what I want to in the next year. I usually plan out six months ahead and choose three words to get me ready for the year.

But I like to experiment and change things.

The good thing about this tool is that it creates an impressive piece of content that covers what a year looked like on Instagram.

I wonder what opportunities you can identify by just looking at one image?
Please share and feel free to ask us any questions directly.

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