Benefits to Adding Facebook Admin’s name

Since we support  multiple organizations with  Digital Marketing Efforts, we monitor, run, and manage several pages on Facebook.

Facebook recently announced that they will add and make visible the names of the admins next to posts and comments (Only visible to page admins).

Notice to the Administrator of Facebook

Facebook Admin Names on Posts & Comments

When you have a group of people as admins, it makes each individual responsible for what they have posted.

Managers can closely monitor the activity that is happening between admins and fans. If there is a Facebook admin that is getting out of line with a commentator (or customer), then you can hold the administrator accountable for his actions. It might also help to point to the internal posting policies you have established as a group.

Facebook Admins build relationships with Fans

Putting names next to posts and comments makes the individual committed to keep the conversation going under the post, monitor comments that are offensive, and moderate any arguments that may occur. Facebook Admins should increase the participation of fans and keep them engaged. 

There will certainly be an end to the question of, “Who posted that?” or “Who answered the troll with that comment?” When you have more than two people running a page, it can create uncertainty of who posted what and why.

Facebook Administrator Name Frequently Asked Questions


When will this Start?

This starts on February 20th,  and as a reminder only the Admins on the page will see the names next to the posts and comments.

Do you need help with keeping your community engaged?

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What other benefits does this add to admins and managers of Facebook Pages?