Give it Your Best

Hobby Beach

I am a firm believer that you give your efforts your best or you step to the side and let someone else handle it.

However that is wishful thinking because I can get caught up in running efforts where I feel I can do better.

In this episode of our Limonade (spanish) vidcast, Gil and I touch upon the importance of giving everything you and make sure it is your best.

Focus on your strengths

If you focus on your strengths the next steps may be:

  • Outsourcing or delegating certain tasks and jobs.
  • Getting help from experts to improve areas where you have a weakness.
  • Knowing which resources to assign to certain tasks.
  • Value your time (our most limited resource)

Balancing brings Synergy

As you go through these questions, we hope you get a better understanding of how balancing your efforts and collaborating, you can identify synergy.

The Value in Hiring Subject Matter Experts

The value of having subject matter experts around in certain areas can also be reflected in the following:

  1. Proper and efficient use of tools
  2. Improvement of Processes
  3. Improving your service or product offering.

What you sacrifice?

If you take any other approach you end up sacrificing

  • Client Experience
  • Productivity
  • Peace of Mind

What can you do better?

Where can we step in and make your efforts better?