How Instagram can Build Us a Bigger and Better Audience

How Instagram can Build Us a Bigger and Better Audience

Sharing My Best on Instagram has Built Me a Better and Bigger Audience

For the past few weeks, I have been steadily growing my presence on Instagram.

Investing More Time On Instagram

I have been interacting on the platform more and following more people that are posting things that interest me.

Instagram Tools Help with My Scheduling

I also have a set of tools we use to manage Instagram that has been useful. It allows me to schedule posts and make sure I get to share part of some of my photographs. I will be sharing what tools I use as a series of blog posts on my newsletter and future blog posts.

Meeting New People

Overall I have seen a significant opportunity to reach out to new people. I have met new people on Instagram reminding me of the days I started using Twitter. When Twitter was more of a community than just a channel to broadcast your thoughts or your offers.

Showing more of My Work

By taking these actions and publishing some of the photos that usually stay on my hard drive and are only seen by me, I have an opportunity to show others my perspective.

And of course my pictures are tied to the fact that I love being a Dad, I love Disney, and I love mother nature.

By using the strategy and tactics in the past few weeks, I have doubled my followers on Instagram and increased my interactions by at least four times.

Setting Clear Objectives and Goals

I set a clear goal as to what I want my Instagram feed to represent. Also connecting the photos with my online efforts. For example, promoting my vegan guide to Disney World. I realized it's an easy way to get people interested in what I am doing.

Capturing An Individual or Group's Attention in Seconds

I also find a way to connect with people in seconds. It captures someone's attention for a fraction of the time other platforms require. By giving them a pleasing image to go on with their day, I keep them interested.

If you start catching their attention a few times a day, you might become part of their daily routine. At that point, you have the opportunity to figure out what is next.

When you run a business or if you run a blog the main thing you want is to increase your reach. But more importantly making sure you have the right audience.

Expanding Your Current Reach

Expanding your Reach is what I just did by increasing followers. These individual have subscribed to my Instagram feed by following me. Some of them go a bit further and join my newsletter.

Every step they take brings them closer to me. It helps me build a stronger relationship, shows my community trusts me and allows me to have deeper conversations with them.

For example, someone that starts liking my images on Instagram follows these steps:

  1. Likes a few photos of mine on Instagram
  2. Comments on a few photos
  3. Follows my Instagram Feed
  4. Clicks on my bio link and lands on one of my blogs or websites.
  5. Subscribe to my newsletter
  6. Decides to hire me as a coach or my company to improve their online presence.

On occasion, they might skip or add a few more steps. But my point is making sure that I can also become part of their community. When you integrate yourself genuinely into a community that also builds your audience.

Instagram has a great opportunity to lead many of your efforts.

I would love the chance to chat and see how I can help you with leading those efforts. Do you feel you are getting the most out of Instagram?

I will soon be offering private coaching and a possible online course on what I have learned in the next weeks.

Would you be interested?

How can I help you achieve your business goals using online tools? Feel free to contact me directly or comment below.