Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Small Business Strategy

Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Small Business Strategy

As small business owners, we usually tend to wait until the last minute to get stuff done. Many of Small Business owners wear many hats, and it can become difficult to stay ahead of the game.

It's hard to Plan Weeks in Advance

Larger businesses can plan weeks or months in advance because they have the teams and the right partners. Their infrastructure allows them to continue operating while they plan what is next.

But that does not mean that a Small Business owner you can't plan ahead. An excellent example of a Small Business owner that has advanced bookings is our local client, Destination Wedding Photographer Camille Fontz. Because she planned and made sure she stayed on top of things, Camille's calendar for 2107 is 93% booked.

As we work with Camille to support her website and digital marketing efforts, I see she is on top of everything. She is also months ahead in planning.

It took Camille a while to get all this in order. As a small business owner, she has focused on her core strengths. Wherever she feels she is running short on time, she finds a partner. That is how we ended up having the privilege to work with her. We made sure we could help her fix her website and redesign it. You can ask her how well our partnership has worked.

7 Black Friday Success Tips for a Small Business Plan

Look at what might be appealing for the season

1. Is your eCommerce site on the Nice or Naughty List?

Most small businesses think they should just have some online presence. Even on my blog and this website, I sell services and products. From a website health check to my photography which I sell on my blog, I am using eCommerce functions. Those are the easiest sales I make since the process is usually 95% automated and requires little from my team.

So if you already have a website with the ability to sell online here is a checklist you to use to verify if your website is on the nice or naughty list:

  • Can Google, Bing, and other search engines find your site easily?
  • Is your site loading quick enough?
  • Is your site focused on your target audience?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Can you search and navigate your site easily?
  • Are you leveraging different types of content (ex. videos and images) to engage visitors?
  • Is your customer information secure?
  • Is your site leveraging and integrating with social media platforms?

When it comes to eCommerce and your website we can certainly help, feel free to contact us. 

2. What product or service do you have that might create long term customers?

On most occasions when I look at Black Friday offers, or we help clients create them, I see there is no connection with building a long term relationship. It's also hard to build a relationship when a customer just focuses on price. If you sell retail, it might be a good idea to think what can sell that will create a connection with the client.

So if you are selling beauty products, what product can you make so attractive price wise? How can you break through the noise of Black Friday? What goods or services do you have that go in line with that?

3. Get Rid of Old Inventory Items

If you offer a service like installing air conditioners on the Island since it's still the slow season for you, look at what inventory is at a good price. Think of how you can create a package of maybe selling the system.

Try to build a recurring revenue stream of maintaining what you install. Too many times we focus on one product or service we sell. But the key to sustaining a business is finding the recurring revenue model that will work for you.

4. Holiday Themed Product or Service

Think about a holiday-themed product. Create a service or product that is not comparable to any of your other products. Make the offering so attractive and unique that the person won't focus as much on price. If you're a restaurant, have people come over for a special holiday themed meal on slow weekend days. Offer special holiday catering packages to go along with office parties and family events.

Make sure you remind people that the experience or product is only available for the holiday season.

5. Special Event for BlackFriday

If you're a coffee shop or restaurant why not try to bring some traffic on Black Friday. With the introduction of Grey Thursday, many don't sleep during the night while they await their shopping spree. What can make them come over to your business for the first time? Maybe a special all you can eat offering for those who are seeking a meal. Many will be hungry after the aggressive holiday shopping marathon. A special meal offer is an opportunity to bring people that are out wanting to spend money to your establishment.

6. Include a Bonus Experience or Product

Everyone enjoys getting a gift or something extra on a visit to an establishment. What product can you offer that will make people feel they got a great deal with their purchase?

For example, if you run a beauty salon or spa you might be able to give them a massage on the house. Maybe hand out products that have been sitting on your shelf so your clients can try them out. You might increase the yield of what they purchase from you on your next visit.

7. Don't forget about Existing clients

I often see big businesses putting out an offer that is only for new customers. I also see a company's new customer obtaining better offers than long time customers. If you have an existing client base, think of what you can do for them first. Have them feel special. Look at your email list and send a message directly to them. If you need help drafting the message or using the right email marketing, techniques let us know.

Let them know how grateful you are for their business. Offer customers a special coupon or offer that they can use for themselves and share with their close friends.

If you take care of your long term clients, I am sure that will help you stand out in the long term.

Break through the Noise

The primary objective on Black Friday is to cut through the noise. On a day that most large companies splurge on their advertising and marketing budgets, make sure that you can stand out.

The small businesses that I see doing very well are those that nurture those customer relationships.

They offer the best not only on Black Friday but year round.

The best way to stand out is making sure you are unique and care about those that hand you their business.

As a small business owner, you are also able to react quicker to any trend or last moment events. Pay attention and monitor conversations on hashtags that are related to Black Friday.

What Black Friday tactics have you seen that work?