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Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshop

So you finally decided to give social media and digital marketing a chance. But you find that you get advice from those who seem to know a lot but have not applied it.

You have created your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence and ask yourself, Now what?

What do you write about and say online? There is no right or wrong way to do it.

With these new emerging platforms, it becomes more of applying methodology on a case by case basis.

So why not understand the basics to make sure you are communicating effectively with your audience.

As a seasoned veteran of running online efforts with Global Industry leaders like Chris Brogan, I want to find an easy way for you to apply this.

Digital Marketing and Social Media is EvolvingRaúl Colón and Chris Bogan

It is easier for everyone to find us on the internet. No longer are traditional channels and gatekeepers our only option to sell our services and products.

Understanding all the moving pieces to market your successful and make a profit online can seem like a science project.

  • What topics are relevant for my clients?
  • How can I Grow my Business?
  • How can I Grow my Customer Base?
  • How can I Increase Revenue?
  • I feel overwhelmed when I try to understand these concepts

Do you agree with the previous points? I can help.

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Calendar January 28

Basics of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Join my team and me for a half day workshop (in San Juan) that will guide you towards getting found online.

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I will work together with you to understand and apply the following:

  • Why trying to an increase in likes and followers may not work.
  • How to understand the basics of using Digital Marketing to earn Money online.
  • What to say and how to communicate effectively via the different online channels.
  • What to measure.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a better understanding of the basics on how to plan and run an effective online effort. You will be able to start applying the right methods once you leave the workshop.


This workshop costs $100 USD. Why? The investment of this course is a small percentage of the value you will receive. Teaching our proven methods and a few useful shortcuts will be worth your time and investment.

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