Make it Easy to Unsubscribe


It is always a pain in the butt to see more subscriptions and emails in our inbox than what we want to read. Last year I did a good job using one of my three words to subtract things daily.

This year it is part of the, One Less One More, mantra Robbie Vorhaus has taught me over the year. Having less to manage can be empowering and improve your mood every day.

Make it Easy and Pleasant to Unsubscribe

Do you make it easy for those to unsubscribe from reading your content?

The unsubscribe link or button is a powerful tool for the reader and sender.

If done right, it can even create a better experience with those who might not want to read your messages in their inbox.

Don’t Mislead in your Unsubscribe Forms

Placing a button in a misleading way might create a negative experience.

I just unsubscribed to a newsletter I signed up for several years ago. I clicked on the link and it brought me to an unsubscribe page with an attractive button.

I clicked it but then I realized it said, “Re-subscribe.” This replaced the button so you can complete unsubscribing.

I think that having a quick unsubscribe button was great. Now having a re-subscribe button made me feel like the regular process of unsubscribing was a bit misleading.

Having people leave your newsletter might seem like a bad thing. If they are no longer interested, then they should have an easy way to exit.

Listen to Your Unsubscribed readers

This also serves as a signal that you might need to rethink what you are sharing.

Look at how often those that unsubscribed opened your previous emails

So many people want to have a big mailing list but they don’t want to put the effort into getting to know the needs of their readers. Sharing something of value does take legwork and that is part of what we do with our Digital Marketing consulting.

Adding Value

Many see a mailing list as an opportunity to sell and then sell some more. I am personally adding a useful tip for those who are willing to read my newsletter. Yes I do sell some of my trainings and images via my newsletter, but I also want to compensate my readers for their time.

What are you bringing to the table to help people stay interested?

I always share the best and give my newsletter subscribers VIP treatment.

Have you subscribed yet?

How can I bring value to your day to day tasks?