One Easy Way to Make your Website Perform Better

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There are many ways people can think of improving a website. Most of them take a good amount of time and the right tools.

Many decide to invest in developers and designers like us. They pay thousands of dollars to get the website created.

Picking the Right Hosting Provider

But then they decide to use a cheap hosting provider. If there is one thing that affects a website it’s the home it resides in.

Moving Websites to a Better Environment

The past few weeks I have moved a bunch of websites from other hosting providers to WP Engine. With just doing that, we saw big improvements in how the website performed. We also saw how it ranked better on Google.

These websites were hacked and were not working as they should.

Our team identified that some of the issues were caused by overloaded and misconfigured servers.

Better Hosting Provider Protects You from Increased Web Security Issues

When you buy a cheap hosting service, there is an increase in hacked websites. Your website might be stored with thousands of other websites.

One example is our old blog,; it's still on a cheap hosting provider.  As you can see in the image below, there are around 3,167 domains with our old abandoned blog.

.Domain Address Example of

When we do the same test with our premium hosting provider, WP Engine, there are only 41 domains. 5 of those domains are our domains. Not only are there less websites, but it's in a more secure environment.

WP Engine Domain Address Lookup

Going back to the websites that were hacked

As part of our process of doing a website health check, we noticed many issues. The main one and the easiest one to fix, was the server issue. So we got our clients to agree into migrating the website to a better performing environment.

Increase Performance with WP Engine and other tools

We moved our clients from the old provider, which in most cases was bluehost, to WP Engine.

In a test environment, I was able to use more tools that helped me identify and clean files with malware.

Learn more about the WP Engine Speed Test.

Easy Capturing and Restoring of Backups

In order to bring the website back up in a better state, WP Engine provides us two environments. One for staging (testing) the site where we can work and continue improving the site. Both of these environments are backed up daily. If you need additional backups you can complete them manually with a touch of a button.

This is another reason why I use WP Engine; it performs way better than any other provider I have used.

WP Engine Fastest Managed WordPress Platform

A Solid Testing Environment (Staging)

The testing environment gives me a completely separate area to work on a new website, while allowing a temporary or previous website to be live.  My clients don't have to shut down as we work on the bigger issues a website might have.

Once the I am ready and the client approves the website, with just the touch of a button I can bring the testing site live.

I have not seen any other provider that allows  me to easily migrate a website in a matter of hours.

Immediate Results with Just one Change

If you are thinking of making one improvement to your website that will show immediate results, make sure that your website is running in the best environment possible.

It will also save you load of time and headaches.

How well is your website performing right now?

Test your website with the WP Engine WordPress Speed Test.

Decide which WP Engine plan is right for you!