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Rafael, the owner of the pharmacy, waited on some so called "developers" to deliver a Pharmacy Website for over a year. He gave up on them and gave us the task to build him a website. We listened to his needs and created a Pharmacy Website based on his needs. In 2015, we re-designed his website (created in 2013) and also translated the website into English, making it easier for Spanish and English speaking customers to contact the pharmacy.

We wanted to make sure that the Pharmacy website presence reflected the great human beings that are behind this Puerto Rican Specialized Community Pharmacy.


We serve our clients and partners and focus on their needs and priorities. Although projects are different, the main reason you would hire us would be to improve results and add value to your company. See how we added value and infrastructure to Farmacia San Rafael's Pharmacy Website.

Target Audience Benefits

  • Patients Submit Prescriptions via The Web
  • Patients Find the Website Easily
  • Easy and quick way to Communicate in Secure Manner with pharmacists
  • Bilingual Website in the language of their preference

Business Benefits

  • Easier workflow for patients who submit prescription online
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Traffic & Opportunities
  • More Ways to Communicate with their Patients

Latest Version of the San Rafael Pharmacy Website

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