ESCAPE, Centro de Fortalecimiento Familiar, a non-profit organization in Puerto Rico,  was organizing an event that involved on-line promotion and marketing using social platforms, writing content for the event, a landing page, and ultimately setting up an online photo contest for their project, Jugar en Familia con Legos.

Escape Event lego

Family emergencies are a Priority

Since their organization has emergency situations round the clock, one of their concerns was being able to find the time to market and run this contest online.

Seamless Registration for the Event

Limonade and Escape communicated frequently and came up with strategies to attract participants to register. We provided interesting content to hook participants to sign-up on Facebook and Twitter, we created various forms for participants to register and pay, we created blog posts on two of our sites in order to create awareness for the event, we talked to one of our team members to help with photographing the event (at the last minute their volunteer could not make it), and most importantly we found a tool for the photo contest that worked perfectly for voting for the best lego community in the pictures uploaded to Facebook.

Constant Communication

We provided daily feedback throughout the registration process of the campaign to the director of ESCAPE, helped with documenting teams and their lego communities the day of the event, and set up the voting tool on Facebook the next day.

Once the winner was announced, we were able to go over what we learned throughout this process with our client and hope to be able to help with their next events and online projects.

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