Over the past few years, we have built a professional and strategic partnership with Chris Brogan and his company Human Business Works.

Land 1st International Consulting Client

We were part of a team that helped a client in England revamp their online business presence, website, and how they communicated their brand to attract potential e-commerce customers. Helastel was Chris Brogan’s and HBW’s first International consulting client.

We provided support via GotoMeeting with our clients, email, and phone support. We shared their content with our communities; we created a playbook for them to follow, and the staff began writing blog posts and creating unique videos to attract potential clients.

Formalizing Processes and Establishing Guidelines

We established processes (informal/formal), steps, and created written guidelines which could be helpful for future Human Business Works clients with understanding how to continue growing their online presence.

Online Collaborations

We have collaborated with Chris Brogan and Rob Hatch of Human Business Works at Conferences, Blogs, Online TV, and just recently in his new project Owner Magazine.


Strategic Business Partnership
At the moment we are a strategic partner for Chris Brogan and Human Business Works.

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