Split your Tabs equally with one Click

I usually work with two screens and one is bigger than the other one. Which usually keeps me working on the larger screens and splitting the screen. When I am working on web design projects or even helping with content organization with our online business strategy and digital marketing partners the extension helps reduce interruptions in a process.

Say Bye to Splitting Tabs Manually

I use to do this manually until I found that in Chrome I can split the screen with one button. The Tab Resize Split Screen extension in Chrome is a time saver when you are working with multiple windows at the same time and want them to split evenly either horizontally or vertically.

Works Great When

This works great when scheduling tweets, working on a Google Document, or even just comparing two items when doing web design. If you’re interested in getting more of these productivity tips feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and get updates in your inbox.

Video of How It Works