The right hosting for your WordPress website

For years we have been using WP Engine as our exclusive WordPress hosting provider.

Using Cheap Hosting Providers Costs More

If a client wants our help but wants to keep a different website hosting provider from our preferred WordPress hosting provider we either turn them away or warn them of the increase in cost.

The quote is always higher than what it would cost them to use WP Engine. When it comes to hosting WordPress, we are looking for the most cost-effective solution. Other providers might be cheaper when it comes to access to their cheap servers but having to optimize and monitor those servers requires many other resources and time.

It will make a "cheap" hosting provider cost more when you look at the bigger picture.

WP Engine does the Heavy Lifting

WpEngine takes care of many aspects giving us the right balance of Speed, Uptime Performance, Security, Easy for Beginners, and their Customer service is top notch when troubleshooting any WordPress Hosting Related issues.

They usually take care of issues way before I can identify them.

Most of our clients prefer to do their own WordPress maintenance, but quite a few of them have us update and provide support.

There are many web hosting companies

We have tried many web hosting companies and they all get us in trouble when it comes to the day-to-day. I remember installing an SSL certificate on a site on Godaddy and calling it in because I was having some issues. The person on the phone instructed me to do something which caused my eight year Godaddy account to delete itself. It took them 3 days and a bunch of my very influential friends to have the issue corrected.

But like they say, you get what you pay for. Godaddy was cheap and so was their response to an issue they had created.

For my team, the best WordPress hosting is on WP Engine

Wp Engine is the only one that usually saves us time and headaches. They are usually improving their hosting services and making them fit my specific needs.

So Easy you Won’t need to know how to Install WordPress

So if you are starting with WordPress, save yourself a headache from setting up the install on WordPress and the many risks WordPress has.

After a decade of working with WordPress and the last 7 years exclusively using WordPress as our preferred CMS, we can surely say WPengine is your best choice to make.

Try WP Engine out for your WordPress website.

Decide which WP Engine plan is right for you!