What budget do you have for this?

Crab in Isla Verde

It’s a question asked by those of us that are insecure when it comes to selling our value. Some understand it’s a good strategy to filter those clients that are not willing to pay what we are worth.

Putting a price on services is something we all struggle to do.

Everyone wants to have continuous business and an easy way  to do it is matching a price with the budget of the client.
For years I have been hesitant in doing it; the few times I have matched the price because I needed the work, it backfires.

On other occasions, I have matched the price because I feel like I want to donate my time to an effort.
I can’t remember a positive business relationship that I landed where we lowered the price of our services.

Why Stand your Ground?

As humans we tend to protect what we have. We are guarding our assets and doing everything possible to keep as much as we have.

So if the other side is protecting their assets, why are you and I giving them away?
I have learned over the years to stand my ground. I continue to learn how to sell value to those interested in my work. I want to give my clients peace of mind that I can do certain things.

Sometimes cutting my price can be attractive to the client but it will hurt how I can deliver the quality I offered.
I want to make sure I have the available resources for them and give them more of what they expected.

How to stand your ground?

I have some trouble usually standing my ground. I consider myself a giver and I get carried away with over-delivering in many aspects.
When I feel I am weak towards a prospect or client, I discuss every offer with my team.

I have Lucy and Bianca that usually stop me in my tracks when I am selling myself short.
You need to identify a group of people that care about you and understand your business.
Have someone come in and help you where they can be in front of the client selling if it’s not your strength.
Having someone with you in a sales meetings is helpful. Also make sure to let them know you are not going to make any decision until you consult the rest of  your management team.
There are many ways where we can sell value and feel secure that what we are offering is of true value.

How are you valuing yourself? How do you project that value?