Writing and Keeping Track of Your Goals

As part of creating a new way of sharing our experiences we have already created 4 episodes of what we are calling the Limonade Stand.

In this new episode, Gil and I share our thoughts on the importance of focusing your goals towards a path vs. fragmenting your efforts.

We share various ways you can organize your goals from using analog systems like an index card to using digital tools to manage tasks and keep you on track towards the bigger goals.

Write down your Goals

The value of writing down a goal is a way for us to visualize them and make them clearer.

We also discuss the importance of following up on goals.

Choosing goals that you can accomplish and keeping the momentum going. Fr example every year I choose three words that will keep me focused on the year ahead.

We mention Becky McCray’s “The Six Most Important Things You Need To Do Every Day” which has helped me greatly every day on accomplishing things.

Sharing your goals out in the Public

You can use your online friends and contacts to serve as coaches and motivators towards reaching your goals.

I use the example on how my friend @BeckyRobinson motivated me via twitter to start running again.

Then once she saw I started running she congratulates me and keeps cheering me on to do the same the next day.


We All Need a Coach?

We all need someone to help us move forward and sometimes give us a small push so we can start.

What goals are you working? Keep in mind in 2014 you don’t need to be physically near someone to guide them towards the right path.

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