You Should Delegate

Many entrepreneurs and Executives like us have a hard time being able to delegate business tasks. We end up running out of hours in a day but still continue to add on more tasks to ourselves.

Other tasks include learning curves to things that we are not even interested in learning. Usually, our objective is to  hire our most cost effective resource, ourselves.

Why don’t we delegate?

The list of why I don’t delegate many times can be long and boring. I have heard these two excuses the most;

We have our own style

Yes we have our ways of doing things. If you’re an artist this trait can be something difficult to replicate, but even well known artists from the past had assistants that helped them create the large bodies of work they left us. So if you’re a creative, hand over your accounting and administrative, non-creative tasks to someone who can help.

Is it Cost Effective?

Seth Godin helped me understand that the reason I hire myself it is cost effective. In other words I become my cheapest resource.

If I want to grow my business, hiring myself might not be the best approach. So even when I can’t afford a service, I look into creative solutions (of making some cash) or hire experts who are cost effective in certain areas.

How to Delegate Tasks

We continue to consume time with tasks that someone else could take care off. Delegating certain tasks will enable us to focus on the vision and the future of our projects thereby increasing the opportunities of success.

Here are four things you should start doing:

  1. Think of one thing that consumes a lot of time and you don’t like doing.
  2. Once you’ve identified that series of tasks, identify someone in your networks who can take care of the work (or contact me and I can help you find a resource.)
  3. Then look into how cost effective it would be to pay someone versus performing those tasks yourself.
  4. Delegate the tasks and focus on your core areas.

What are the reasons you are not delegating tasks?