Prioritize your Strategy over Executing Tasks

My intentions with creating the Limonade Stand where to offer small business advice from my perspective to those seeking guidance because they were starting a business, wanted some insight from another experienced business owner, and those who would like to experiment with different things.

Little did I know that I would be able to join forces with local blogger and veteran business consultant Gil Schmidt, a person who ignited the reason why I started doing Online Business Strategy, Web Development, and Digital Marketing consulting.


First Episode

Our first episode we touch on various subjects but the main topic is the importance of working on your business (strategy) rather than for it (just executing).

We share tips on:

  • Filtering to find the best business opportunities that fit your style of doing business.
  • Choosing the right communications platforms.
  • Focusing on the importance of communicating in an efficient and in the most Effective Manner.
  • Finding a balance in creating content that is valuable.

Getting Ready for the New Year

Since the New Year is approaching I also suggest that instead of creating resolutions you might want to focus on choosing three words for the new year.

Last year my three words where Brevity, Fluid, and Control.

What will your three words be this year?

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