3 criteria for publishing content

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I usually share content that informs, educates, and emotes a certain feeling with friends, family, and clients. When I write, I’m educating our readers about a service we provide, an experience we’ve had as parents, or a yummy recipe from our vegetarian blog. As a team, we collaborate on all content marketing for our clients or our business blog, Limonade.

Content Criteria

We have the Limonade blog, where the criteria of the content published is to educate potential clients on creating websites, content marketing, and digital marketing strategies. We also highlight new clients and their services.

In the book, Content Chemistry, An Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing, by Andy Crestidona of Orbit Media Studios, he writes about three criteria for content marketing; the reader must do something, learn something, or feel something.

1. Local events that make readers do something

A local non-profit hired us to help with organizing their online contest, participant sign-ups, and payment method. The ultimate goal of the content we published was for people to do three those three things and have friends and family vote for their lego cities.

2. A fun way for the reader to learn something.

On Veglatino the content on limbers, taught readers history about how the limber started in Puerto Rico and how to use natural juices with less sugar to make this traditional Puerto Rican treat. Learning about history coupled with health tips garnered lots of comments from readers.

3. Make the readers feel something

A broken iPad will make people empathize. Certain titles and content we’ve created have made people angry. But the most successful content we wrote as a team used images coupled with satire to show how the beaches in Puerto Rico may look the day after a major holiday. Much of this content was not planned; it was written out of emotions on our behalf.

What other criteria do you think is necessary when creating content?

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