Uncle Gussys Born In New York Made for Everyone

Several months ago our client, Nicholas Karagiorgos from Uncle Gussy’s, was contacted to appear in an ad for Snapple.

As a vendor of Snapple at the food truck, and New York native born and raised, he was a fit for their campaign, “Born in New York, Made for Everyone”.

If you’ve ever visited Midtown during the week and near 51st and Park Ave, you may have seen Nick the  Gyro Maker.


We’re all part of the same team

Nick and the Limonade team have worked together for years. We started re-designing the food truck's website and now manage all their online presence.

We talk to Nick about opportunities that are presented to him and love how he takes the advice and runs with it.

We’re constantly learning about his Greek culture and infuse that into the content that is created for his blog and other platforms.

When Nick sends us a picture of the specials for the week, we take the time to enhance their look.

The Objective

Our objective is that anyone seeing the photos will want to eat at the food truck and buy their meal via the website's online ordering system.

Uncle Gussy's

Uncle Gussy's Loyal Clientele

Nick’s customers share their experiences with us on a daily basis. It always amazes us how loyal Nick’s customers are and we make sure we help him nurture those Uncle Gussy’s VIPs.

There was a customer who went to the truck to pickup gyros and took the food with him on vacation. The customer sent us a picture of the gyros from a beach in ST. Thomas.

This is a loyal customer who couldn't go a week without eating food from Uncle Gussy’s.

We couldn't be happier for this opportunity between Snapple and Uncle Gussy’s; two New York businesses making their communities happy.