The Limonade Stand: From Engineer to Destination Wedding Photographer

I can’t think of any other time than the present for seeing how challenging it can be for a business owner to keep their business afloat. We chat with Camille Fontz a small business owner and destination wedding photographer based in Puerto Rico on many topics including why her photography website dominates SEO when compared to other photographers’ websites. 

Small Business Challenges in Puerto Rico’s Constant State of Emergency

Puerto Rico has been suffering since 2017 (Hurricane Maria) until today with the global pandemic ahead of us, making it difficult for any business own stay afloat. We chat with Camille Fontz, a small business owner and destination wedding photographer based in Puerto Rico on many topics including why her photography website dominates SEO when compared to other photographers’ websites.  


From Engineering to Destination Wedding Photography

Youth stopped believing in big corporations. We no longer want to be employees or be treated like just another sheep in the barn; we want to launch businesses, be leaders, and free. That's what I understood from my conversation with Camille Fontanez. A young woman studying engineering decided to turn her talent in photography into her primary source of income. Between studying in Mayagüez and living in the metro area, entrepreneurship presented her with the flexibility that a job as a waitress or cashier (most common ones for college students) did not. 

When her 3-month internship opportunity culminated, at that time for an engineer to practice the profession, it was almost impossible to get a job; the opportunities on the island were scarce. Camille did not see this as an unfortunate event but allowed her to expand what she started. Fontanez is the first person in her family to have her own business. "Having your job requires much more attention since we have to do the boss’s tasks and the employee," she explained. Her relatives are used to being employees; they do not fully understand that being at home is NOT a synonym for "having free time.” In her case, the longest days are those where she has to cover weddings; they usually happen on the weekends. Between attending social networks, creating quotes, covering events, managing her photographer's website, editing pictures, among many other tasks, her best friend is her agenda.

Imac Web Portfolio Trim Camille Fontz

Over a Decade as a Wedding Photographer

Having been in the market for 11 years, meeting couples from different nationalities who choose Puerto Rico as their dream destination, the talented photographer was very creative when it came to leaving a positive impact on her brand. The effect began with the smallest details, such as the quality of her service. She acquired the necessary tools to increase her clientele. “Since I never saw myself as a wedding photographer, at first, I did make bad investments. Between sessions, little by little, I bought my lenses, the camera bundle, among other accessories. Then I looked for tools that would make my job more accessible, and that is where Limonade Inc. comes in. "

Recovering Camille’s Hacked Website to Dominating SEO For the Local Wedding Industry

Camille met Limonade through a security mishap she had with her website. From the beginning, she detected that social media would be the driving force behind her business. That early exposure on the internet made her stand out from her competitors. With the changes that these platforms’ algorithms have undergone over the years, Camille keeps abreast of what is happening. "On Instagram, after a few hours, the post practically disappears, but I have blogs from 2014 that continue to be relevant in search engines (Google) and attract customers." The benefit of entrusting her work to Limonade has been the immortality that it has brought to her content as specific strategies and structures are used to attract an audience organically.

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Using Her Wedding Photography and Business Owner Experience to Educate

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, with so many bizarre events happening, such as the global pandemic to cursed exhibits running free in the community, the human being has been forced to evolve. With all the time we have spent in the house, many who had a business idea took advantage of it and launched their micro company. Camille was no exception. As weddings have been reduced to extreme levels, she decided to give a new spin on her business. At just 31 years old, Camille is an engineer, photographer, entrepreneur, and now an educator. Fontanez has enabled her photographer's website to offer short courses on different topics from how to price your work to the correct way to optimize your blog for SEO.

Check Out Camille's Trio of Courses

If you are a photographer trying to get your business in order these courses might be for you. 

We are Grateful and Proud of Camille

I am proud to know that Puerto Rico has proactive, passionate, and multifaceted women like Camille. That hour that Camille dedicated to us was very enriching. We were able to educate others who want to start their business. Also, for those who are already a boss, identify improvement tools. You’re invited to watch the interview in detail, where we also have the participation of her little parrot Turey. I hope to see you on our next recipe for success at “The Limonade Stand.”