Why WordPress Website Leasing?

We recently started offering website leasing packages. We also realized people had many questions regarding how to start a website and if a website leasing product would be a good fit for them.

Where to Start with Your Website?

So many people want to build a website but don’t know where to start.

Here are some of the common questions we get:

We have a long answer for every one of these questions. But the short answer is that you might not have to worry about many of these with our Website Leasing options.

We built our first website in 1997 in primary HTML after that we have developed websites on different platforms like Drupal and WordPress.

For the last six years, we have focused on building websites using stable frameworks in WordPress.

Over time we’ve learned how involved it can be to understand all these platforms.

Website leasing: a new way to finance the design and development of your business website.

It can be expensive to build your own website

The number of resources and tools we use in each website could put a hole in the pocket of someone who is just building one website for themselves.

Thankfully we have volume deals and discounts on these tools to bring you the benefits and tweak them, so they work for you.

Also, the amount of time it takes for someone to be able to set up those tools and use them for their benefit consumes even more resources.

Website Leasing

What is Website Leasing?

Website leasing: a new way to finance the design and development of your business website.

We like to compare Website Leasing to when you are thinking of buying an apartment but would instead rent to try it out before making the full investment.

Our Website Leasing products are built on similar or on occasions the same tools we use to develop the websites we create for our regular website clients and our white label agency clients.

The difference is that these websites share a server environment which helps us make sure your website's software, tools, and other moving pieces are operating as they were intended to work.

Keeping these sites in one environment allows us to enhance the security collectively. Making sure your site is secure from web attacks or being hacked.

This also helps us focus on making sure resources are going towards bringing results to your business as it grows.

Once you have outgrown the leased website, we can talk about migrating and upgrading you to having your own website.

Creative Business Website

Who is Website Leasing For?

A leased website for is for any blogger, entrepreneur, small business owner, or creative who wants to make sure they have a website that works for them but does not have the large budget some of our more successful clients have.

Take a quick look at the two current offers we have that may fit your needs.

What is included in the Website Leasing Blogger Package?

We make sure to lay down the right WordPress website foundation. 

The Limonade Sites Blogger Plan includes:

  • Over 50 templates to choose from.

  • Industry Standard Design Framework

  • WordPress-Optimized Performance

  • Advanced SEO Functionality

  • One-Click Install of Included Plugins

  • SSL Certificate through Let’s Encrypt

  • Automatic WordPress and Theme Updates

  • Zero “Hosting” Hassles

  • Rock-Solid Security

  • World-Class Support

  • Page Builder

  • Tutorials and videos on how to use WordPress

  • Monthly Performance Report

Start with the Blogger Plan!

But wait, there's more!!

The Extras Included in the Startup Package.

We make sure to lay down the right business website & with some workflows. 

The Limonade Sites Startup Plan includes:

  • Everything Included in the Blogger Plan.

  • Page Builder Premium Add-Ons (30+ Templates & extra functionality)

  • Coming Soon and Maintenance Page Setup

  • Advanced Forms Functionality

Start with the Startup Plan!

Would you also like to Sell Online?

The Extras Included in the Ecommerce Package.

We make sure to lay down the right business website & e-commerce foundation. 

The Limonade Sites Ecommerce Plan includes:

  • Everything Included in the Startup Plan.

  • E-Commerce Active Products

  • Advanced Image Galleries

  • Premium Image and Presentation Sliders

Start with the Ecommerce Plan!

Please feel free to ask us any questions directly.