What is website maintenance?

Most of our clients arrive by Word of Mouth. Many of them had never previously thought that they needed to set up a budget for website maintenance.

Anyone from a Destination wedding photographer to a Food Truck should understand the importance of website management.

What is Website Maintenance?

As stated by WebPageFX 

In order to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings, and provide information about your products and services to the public, your company needs website maintenance.​

Most people focus on building a website. What most people fail to understand is the proper maintenance of what it entails to have a website online.

What Makes up Website and WordPress Maintenance for us?

  • Software Updates - We provide peace of mind that all your website software is up to date.
  • Professional WordPress and Website Maintenance Help -  Our professional web and Wordpress consultants make sure your site is optimized and running.
  • Fast turnaround -  We do our best to identify bugs before a client, or their audience finds them. In both situations, if something stopped working on your site or we find it and work promptly to minimize the impact of any issues.
  • Daily and Weekly Backups - We make sure your site is backed up and also test the validity of those backups to make sure they work if we needed to use them.
  • Cleaning and Optimizing Files and Database - Most websites run on platforms like our favorite CMS WordPress. We make sure we keep your files and database lean and running seamlessly.
  • Periodic Reporting of Website Activity and Performance - We will report back to our customers and let them know if everything went well.

When looking at how to handle your Website Management make sure you check the level of expertise that provider has in the platform you are running. Also, make sure you choose a fast and reliable hosting provider. 

In the past we have worked with Joomla, Drupal, and other PHP-based content management systems. But for the past seven years, we have been working with WordPress.

Value in  the Website Maintenance Plans We Offer

For that reason we bring value when providing the following:

  • WordPress maintenance plans
  • WordPress care plans
  • WordPress website management services
  • and WordPress website maintenance service.

Most firms like us offer WordPress maintenance contracts without a long term commitment. When we build, recover or redesign a website, we typically recommend that the client choose one of our plans so they can see the value in what we do.

But if at any moment the customer feels they want to leave, we allow them to cancel.

Are you handling your Website Maintenance on Your Own?

If you are, is there a reason why you have chosen to do your own site management?
Can you keep up with the latest updates? Are those performing site maintenance, subject matter experts on the platform? Are you having issues with your Website continuously?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, then it might be a good idea to outsource your website maintenance and management to WordPress consultants and professionals.

Let us know if we can help by running a Site Health Check.

What are your challenges with maintaining a website?